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Likha Liwanag

Reporter. Columnist

Brand Review | Food Industry | Fine Dining | CIBO

OMG, CIBO! Really? No Customer?

CIBO doesn't have customer...

Posted on April 24, 2024 | Manila, Philippines | EDITORIALPH | By Likha Liwanag

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We've savored pasta dishes across the Philippines, and even ventured as far as Switzerland and Italy, but none compare to the culinary delights of CIBO.

CIBO doesn't just have customers; they have fans! While a customer may visit once or twice and then move on, a fan returns eagerly, not just for the food but for the exceptional treatment they receive

CIBO's exemplary customer service has transformed guests into devoted fans.


The attentive service crews treat every guest like VIPs, ensuring an unforgettable experience. But what truly sets CIBO apart is its dedicated team members, like Mon and Ces from CIBO SM Megamall. Their commitment to service elevates the dining experience, leaving guests eager to return.

From the moment you step into CIBO, you're greeted not as a customer, but as a cherished fan. The warm and welcoming ambiance makes dining feel like coming home. At CIBO, it's not just about serving food; it's about creating moments. Each dish is crafted with precision and passion, a testament to CIBO's commitment to culinary excellence.

A special shoutout to CIBO Megamall, where every guest is treated not as a customer, but as a valued fan.


So, if you're craving more than just a meal—if you're longing for an experience that nourishes both body and soul—look no further than CIBO. Once you've experienced the magic of CIBO, you'll understand why they don't just have customers; they have fans."


Apr 23, 2024

OMG, CIBO! Really? No Customer?

CIBO Doesn't Have Customers!

OMG, CIBO! Really? No Customer?

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