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Importance of Domain and Website Ownership Highlighted for Online Businesses and Facebook Pages

By Ysh Estayo

Saturday, March 9, 2024

Securing Digital Identity and Authority: A Vital Step for Online Success

Manila, Philippines.

In land regulation and legal contexts, the possession of a property title unequivocally establishes rightful ownership

“Whoever holds the title of a property is its rightful owner.”

While this may seem unrelated to social media pages and digital businesses, it serves as a crucial analogy for understanding legitimacy and ownership online. With the majority of businesses now operating on the internet, the significance of this analogy cannot be overstated.

Consider the scenario of a Facebook page owner without a corresponding domain. Should another individual claim ownership of the domain associated with the business name, the original owner's authority over their page diminishes significantly. This situation is akin to being forcibly removed from one's own home or store. The absence of a domain is likened to operating a business without proper documentation or legal backing.

Furthermore, the complexities of online ownership extend to the world wide web, where acquiring a domain that has already been claimed is not permitted. Social media platforms, particularly Facebook, are noted for their lax regulation of page names, leading to confusion and disputes over ownership.

The importance of securing a domain and establishing a website cannot be overstated. 

Additionally, registering with regulatory bodies such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is emphasized as the legal recourse for ensuring ownership rights. Finally, obtaining a license from IPOPHL further solidifies a business's legitimacy and ownership.

Experts advice online entrepreneurs to prioritize these steps to avoid potential conflicts and loss of ownership. 

Take these steps before it’s too late.

  1. Secure the domain

  2. Create a website 

  3. Registering with regulatory bodies such as SEC for corporation or DTI for sole ownership -

  4. Registration with IPOPHL for trademark and copyright protection -

With these, businesses can safeguard their online presence and establish themselves as legitimate entities in the digital landscape, even on social media such as pages

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