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How to Dominate Your Market: Build Your Personal Brand and Become the Trusted Authority Worth Following

People listen to you, like you, follow you, and buy from you because of your leadership and influence – that’s personal branding. 

By Likha Liwanag | Posted on May 27, 2024 | Manila, Philippines | EDITORIALPH

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People listen to you, like you, follow you, and buy from you because of

your leadership and influence – that’s personal branding. 

You've established yourself as an authority. Similarly, when someone

gives you advice, you may not like it mainly because you don't like the

person and feel that he/she lacks authority over you. The same concept

and behavior apply to selling your products and services.


People will buy from you not only because of tangible things but

also because they see you as worthy.


Consider why you choose to buy from someone over social media.

Yes, you may like the product, but after having a conversation with the seller, you might find another one. It feels like you don't like the seller.


Now, here's the thing: I'd like to share just one piece of advice and a secret.


Are you interested in dominating your market using the internet?

Have you tried creating websites before?


It can be quite overwhelming, especially if you're not tech-savvy.


But having a website is essential nowadays.


Websites serve as the salesmen of the internet. They’re like 24/7 business operation.


They enable you to sell your products and represent your business or brand worldwide and non-stop!


If you have a traditional business and rely solely on a social media page, it's simply not sufficient.


Let me share a different story:


I recently found some great shoes online. They looked stylish and comfy, so I thought they'd do well. But when I tried to find their website, I couldn't. That made me doubt their credibility and trustworthiness.


Having a website isn't just about being online; it shows you're legit and professional. 

It's like having a strong brand statement. 


One thing it signifies is that you have the means for websites. When money speaks, people listen. It's better to build your brand than to destroy it by merely posting it on your profile and page. 


Think of it this way: if a website is like a business store in Shangri-La, Greenbelt, or Rockwell, and social media is just a stall, where do you want to showcase your services and products? The chances of attracting customers and opportunities are higher in a business district than on the sidelines.


A website is a statement and powerful branding that your business is legit and professional. It’s like having an office inside a tower in BGC or New York.


Imagine you own an office there.


Imagine how many potential customers like us are searching for products and services online.


Imagine how many more sales they could generate with a properly set-up website.


Does this scenario sound familiar to you?


Maybe you have an eBook or digital product you want to sell, or you're eager to learn how to market your product or services online.


Here's the deal. Running FB Ads alone isn't sufficient.


You need a website. Not all your customers are on Facebook.


Many of them search for services and products on Google.


And here's another secret: most wealthy people search on the internet rather than Facebook. If you have a website, you're 100 steps ahead of your competitors.


If your website is searchable, they'll find you.


Try searching on Google for "(product name) review" or even the owner's name.


People do this research before making a purchase decision.


They may come across your services or product on your page, but what matters is where they buy it from.


You don't want them to find your product but end up purchasing from someone else.


If your competitors have websites, you're going to lose the game.


If you're interested in learning how to build profitable websites to sell your products, services, or create your brand online, let me know, we have a company that will help you.


My friend called me last month; he is getting more clients and selling more with a website. We built his website last year, and he is now dominating his market, and he is now being invited as a speaker - what a personal branding.


EDITORIALph is one of our websites, born out of our passion. We share exclusive 'How to' secrets you won't find anywhere else like this what you're reading now. It started as a personal project but is quickly turning into a media and news business. We're now looking for an office. Surprisingly, in just a month, it has caught the eye of businesses and professionals who want to advertise with us. Imagine the potential of having your own website!


Let's create your website. Establish your brand and dominate your market.

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